Boring Penrith

High Grade Boring in Penrith

When you need to install a pipeline, you need to dig a hole. That can be messy, expensive, and time consuming if you don’t pick the right contractor. Sometimes you need to expand an existing hole through boring in Penrith to conduct repairs or replace old or damaged infrastructure already in place. For this, you need a reliable company that delivers quick and efficient results, on time and on budget. AV Drilling is one of the few companies that do that.

We’ve been in this business since 1999, focused on customer satisfaction and quality work. As a family owned and operated business, our main focus has always been on providing excellent work to all our clients. In his business, reputation is of vital importance and we believe that you can’t maintain a good reputation without consistently providing quality work.

Boring Expertise

Boring projects need to be handled carefully because there’s always a risk that the ground might get damaged. You need someone who’s not only experienced with the equipment but also knows different surfaces and can navigate through obstacles. Our drillers are expertly trained and have worked for several years in the industry. We believe in careful and meticulous boring in Penrith work, making sure that we drill precise holes without damaging the existing infrastructure. We do our best to ensure that the surface doesn’t collapse, to prevent expensive repairs. To keep the damage to the ground at minimum, we study it keenly before working on it.

Solutions for All Kinds of Needs

Boring in Penrith is usually needed to install or repair different kinds of infrastructure. You can call us if you need to dig into any surface. We can handle clay, shale, even rock surfaces easily. We can easily bore holes of diameters ranging from 50mm to 600mm, depending on your requirements. Our method of boring is very cost effective and quick. You don’t need to spend money on resurfacing large areas.

We can easily work around the existing architecture and infrastructure and make sure that they don’t get disturbed. You don’t have to worry if we need to bore under the following:

  • Buildings or homes
  • Landscapes such as lawns or gardens
  • Driveways and walkways
  • Footpaths and roads
  • Retaining walls

Our skilled experts will make sure that none of the above mentioned structures are damaged during boring in Penrith.

Our Work Process

We believe that the right planning is needed to cut costs and reduce the time spent. With that in mind, we carefully map the area that we need to work on. We understand the surface, seeking out any hard obstacles under the ground. Once we have decided the ideal place to start boring in Penrith, we dig a pit and fill it with some drilling fluid. After that, we bore to whatever depth is needed to install or repair the infrastructure. For any questions or queries, you can contact us at AV Drilling anytime. Just give us a call on 02 4773 4460 or 02 9158 3525. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’ll reply as soon as possible.