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Australian Underground Drilling services can take a number of forms in the civil construction industry, essential for the completion of various construction projects and excavation work. AV Drilling has been an Australian Underground Drilling contractor for over 10 years

and executes under drilling projects in the specialised form of Horizontal Directional Drilling.Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a trenchless method of Australian Underground Drilling utility installation. HDD is time efficient, creates minimal mess, and is advantageous in hard to access areas, creek crossings, gardens and under concrete infrastructure, where trenching cannot be performed. It is essential that all existing underground assets are located before conducting Australian Underground Drilling to eliminate any damage. HDD is performed with a directional drill, which is responsible for drilling the respective bore underground. To steer the directional drill, a tracker is used to constantly update the drill operator to ensure the desired bore alignment is achieved. This tracker communicates with a sonde located in the drill head via a telecommunication signal. The tracker gives operators key information during the bore such as: drill head location and alignment.

Australian Underground Drilling in the form of Horizontal Directional Drilling is performed using specialist fabricated tooling. Environmentally friendly Underground Drilling additives are mixed to assist in the breakdown of ground types such as clay and rock, etc. Due to water use, excess mud flows to entry/ exit holes and is removed by vacuum excavation systems. At AV Drilling we can install single or multiple conduits at a time, with a bore size, ranging from a diameter of 50mm – 600mm. AV Drilling offers Australian Underground Drilling in the form of Horizontal Directional Drilling in Sydney Metropolitan, South Coast Illawarra and Blue Mountains areas all year round.

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