We rock drills that drill rock. Yes, it is as simple as that. If you need a professional team that adheres to the highest of safety protocols while also ensuring exemplary service, AV Drilling is here for you. With an accredited team of staff who are highly trained, we know we are the right suppliers for you.


When Would You Need A Rock Drill?

We use a specialised fleet of earth excavating equipment for all your drilling needs, no matter the distance and ground type. Rock drills are used to bore through harder ground material that a conventional directional drill cannot always penetrate.Whether you are drilling:

  • Under or alongside roadways
  • Under trees
  • In mountain areas

We offer the very pinnacle of service delivery and excellence in workmanship. It is always important to consult your drilling professional to determine the right under drilling equipment for your project.


The Benefits Of Professional Rock Drilling Will Make Your Earth Move

First and foremost, AV Drilling prides itself on being able to provide economical solutions for all drilling project needs. Hiring us is far more cost effective than using traditional open cut trenching method, saving on expensive reinstatement costs, plus we are an owner operated business, ensuring the project is managed and overseen by the director and a team of experienced professionals. 

Furthermore, we have extremely comprehensive health and safety systems that ensures the utmost efficacy and secure work environment practices. We are affiliated and authorized by Endeavour Energy and we are members of the Allied Earthmovers Association. 

AV Drilling, Your First Choice For All Your Rock Drilling Needs

Now that you’re convinced we’re the perfect choice, allow AV Drilling, a family owned and operated company, to provide professional rock drilling services for you. Become another one of our satisfied partners to join our long list of loyal customers within the Greater Sydney area. Since 1999, our reliable equipment and experienced technicians have helped increase drilling success, accuracy and efficiency for many in different industries. 

Call AV Drilling today on 1300 208 491 or submit an online enquiry https://avdrilling.com.au/contact/ to secure our services for your next project in Sydney. Let us validate your decision in choosing us as your first choice!

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