Vacuum Excavation Penrith

Expert Vacuum Excavation in Penrith

Vacuum excavation is fast becoming the preferred method of exposing underground utilities. It’s easy to use, quick, and doesn’t damage the pipelines in any way. With vacuum excavation in Penrith, we can avoid accidents like damaging sewer, power, or gas lines. This would help prevent heavy repair expenses down the line. There are several instances where people have struck gas lines and forced an entire neighbourhood to evacuate, or cause large scale flooding and damage. At AV Drilling, we believe that vacuum excavation is the safest way to expose all utilities and conduct proper repairs.

How does vacuum excavation work?

In essence, vacuum excavation in Penrith is the process of removing mud or debris from the ground via a vacuum hose. This can be around 6” to 8” in diameter. In most cases, the vacuum air inlet can reach speeds of up to 220mph. The process is very easy to understand. We use high pressure water or air vacuum to dig tunnels, trenches, holes, etc, to conduct the repairs. We can be very precise and accurate with this. There’s very little soil displacement in the surrounding areas and it’s easy to refill the ground, resurface, and leave no trace of our work behind. We essentially suck the soil underneath the surface through the vacuum.

There are two types of vacuum excavation. The Hydro vacuum and the air vacuum excavation. The process is similar. We use either highly pressurized water or air to cut through the soil and loosen it before vacuuming the soil away from the ground. This leaves the utilities exposed for us to work with. If the conditions are ideal, we can easily dig a 5ft hole, that’s 10” in diameter in less than 15 minutes. That’s how quick and accurate vacuum excavation in Penrith is.

Naturally, these utilities remain undamaged but there are several people who wonder if this process is enough to remove harder obstacles. However, these vacuums are powerful enough to pick up anything. We can excavate mud, pebbles, stones, sand, water, even railway ballast; and have no problem removing even the most stubborn objects from our path during the excavation without damaging the pipelines.

Advantages of vacuum excavation in Penrith

In addition to being a quick and efficient method, it’s also precise. There are several advantages of using the vacuum excavation method over other, more traditional methods of digging.

  • You can expose the utilities without damaging them. Sometimes, contractors expose more pipelines than recorded, avoiding accidents due to lack of knowledge.
  • This method can be used for bulk excavation in confined areas.
  • The vacuum hose can reach over or under any present utilities or barriers.

Vacuum excavation in Penrith can be used in a variety of applications, including pot holing, sewer and pipe installation and repair, sewer jetting, waterline maintenance, railway maintenance, sign or pole installation, etc. For any questions or queries, you can contact AV Drilling anytime. Just call us at 02 4773 4460 or 02 9158 3525. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’ll reply within the shortest possible time.