Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling is often used for longer distances and/ or where the gradient is too steep for the bed borer to operate. Directional drilling is performed by a directional drill which is steered by a sonde, a device located in the drill head that sends an electronic signal to the handheld locating device, tracking its line and depth. Coiled pipe is installed when the drill head is returning back to the point of entry, ready for clients to use.

The vacuum tanker is also used in conjunction with the directional drill as it is used to vacuum extract drill slurry from the bore hole which is taken away to an approved waste management facility to be removed. The vacuum tanker can hold 9000 litres of waste which also doubles as our potholing unit.

The directional drill allows us to drill under creek beds, water catchment areas, retaining walls and infrastructure. Our specialised equipment and drill heads enable us to drill all types of ground, ranging from sand to rock. The horizontal directional drill’s bore hole capabilities range from 50mm to 500mm.