AV Drilling

Our company, AV Drilling, provides a diverse range of specialised services such as Horizontal Directional Drilling, Dry Auger Boring, Non- Destructive Digging/ Pot Holing, Excavation and Pipe Installation. AV Drilling reaches a broad customer base by offering our services to the Sydney Metropolitan Area, Western Sydney, Central Coast and Southern Highlands Region as well as the Northern Beaches and Sutherland Districts.

We have over 18 years of experience in residential, construction, civil and commercial industries whereby staff are adequately accredited and trained to deliver our services in a professional and safe manner and of the highest quality. Our knowledge and equipment allows us to drill for a wide variety of client demands which require power, water, gas and communications services installed and often extend our services to the electrical and plumbing industries also.

Our services are performed with unique equipment that is company owned so reliance on the client to provide equipment and staff is eliminated, therefore downtime and client cost is reduced and time efficiency is maximised. Prior to the commencement of our service we ensure that all pre-existing services are located and spotted, Dial Before You Dig documents are obtained and reviewed by staff and that our employees and equipment are up to date with AV Drilling’s Safety Management Plan and SWMS to ensure the risk is minimised.

As a family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on our reputation and thus treat our clients and the environment with the upmost respect. If any questions remain feel free to contact us today and our staff will happily advise you.

We have authorisations from Network Providers such as: Endeavour Energy, Ausgrid and we are members of Allied Earthmovers Association.

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