Here at AV Drilling, we are experts in Auger Boring. This is a trenchless application that allows drilling to occur without disturbing any existing infrastructure or resulting in a muddy mess. It requires specialised equipment and techniques, making it possible to bore where conventional drills simply cannot fit. Dry auger boring has many applications and can be particularly advantageous when used to bore under or alongside:

  • Concrete
  • Driveways
  • Footpaths
  • Pavements
  • Roadways

What Are The Benefits Of Dry Auger Boring?

  • It is a simple, effective boring method and typically has a high success rate.
  • Auger boring is safe, fast and has low operating costs
  • Virtually no disruption to the surface environment such as trees, landscaping, roads etc.
  • Makes boring possible in areas with very little lead-in room
  • No mud is created in the process, meaning minimal mess, cleanup and waste ending up in landfills.

Common Auger Boring Terms And Definitions

When dealing with Auger Boring, there are many technical terms that you will come across that may need some explaining. We have created an easy to use glossary to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Auger: A spirally planed tube that has hexagonal connections on either end. Using the tube, a cutting head will be driven through the ground while the soil is simultaneously extracted through the helical coils. Auger boring is the act of installing trenchless piping underground.

Auger Machine: Used to drill horizontally through the earth. The auger machine is made up of a drive mechanism to propel it through the ground, a cutting head, and a flighted drive tube.

Helical: Being shaped like a helix or spiral.

Trenchless: In trenchless construction, pipes, conduits and, ducts, are installed, and renewed without the need to dig up the earth.

For Your Auger Boring Needs, Choose AV Drilling

Auger boring is a great technique suitable for many different applications of varying sizes and scopes. At AV Drilling, we perform auger boring and have diameter capabilities of 50mm to 600mm, perfect for smaller jobs such as road crossings, under driveways or any place where boring is required, but existing trees and landscaping must not be harmed or disturbed. For any of your auger boring needs, get in touch with our team today by calling 1300 208 491 or simply visit our website.

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