Civil works and construction has seen an amazing influx of development and technological advancement in recent years that have expanded the abilities, scope of use, and safety of directional boring in many ways. However, there are still certain limitations that can be quite tenuous if not handled or understood properly.

At AV Drilling, our highest priority is to ensure the success of our various excavating and civil construction exercises, which is why we have taken the time to evaluate the renewed applications and limitations of directional boring.

Exploring Modern Applications Of Directional Boring

A number of factors have made directional drilling a more appropriate and accessible service in terms of application for public works compared to the past. Now, there is an improved scope that is transforming the industry as a whole. Let’s take a look at how directional boring can be applied:

  • Currently, the HDD equipment that is available allows us the ability to execute pipe installations of a much larger diameter.
  • Water and sewer system piping requires the perfectly suited type of installations that directional boring can execute. Crews experienced in installing fused lengths of HDPE pipe know that restrained joint PVC pipe products and the speed at which couplings can lock sections of pipe together to hold them firm while the pipe is pulled into place by the HDD unit is a true boon in this area.
  • Modern directional drilling equipment is able to operate more effectively and with greater levels of safety in various soil conditions, which even includes the ability to work with either loose or solid rock.
  • While a certain amount of support is still required, directional drilling generally requires less support equipment than other drilling methods.

Directional drilling is both a competitive cost-saving exercise as well as having the ability to operate in limited access areas. HDD is rapidly expanding the capacity of civil engineers to be able to work in an environmentally friendly way. It is one of the most viable and increasingly popular choices for a variety of construction applications.

Make sure that you are prepared for your construction or civil works project by exploring the various applications of directional boring. Talk to our team at AV Drilling today to discuss how you could use directional boring in your upcoming projects. You can reach us by calling 1300 208 491 or using our convenient online portal here.

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