In understanding, the processes and applications of underground boring, you’ll get to know how beneficial it could be to your project. At AV Drilling, we have taken the time to perfect our skills and use the best equipment to ensure that we are among the top service providers of underground boring in Sydney.

What Is Underground Boring

Underground boring/ directional boring is a trenchless method of excavation . This ensures that drilling or boring is able to take place without digging out a trench at surface or street level as the entire excavation happens below ground. Under boring requires specialised machinery and should be performed by qualified professionals.

Where Is Underground Boring Used

Underground boring is often used for laying pipelines or conduits. It is frequently employed in high traffic residential or urban areas, favoured because it can take place with minimal disruption to surface-level traffic and activity. Underground boring can be suitable for a wide variety of ground types, including clay, rock, sand and shale.

Benefits Of Underground Boring

The innovation of underground boring equipment has yielded so many benefits. First among them is the fact that it is minimally disruptive, both to people and the environment. The nature of underground boring allows surface activities to continue with very little interruption, and it causes virtually no disturbance to the existing environment and infrastructure such as pavements rock formations, roadways, etc. Minimal disruption often sees projects incurring lower costs too.

Need A Reputable Company For Underground Boring?

AV Drilling has been a proud, family-owned and operated business for more than a decade. Specialists in the field of boring, we offer quality service that is efficient and safe. Our staff continue to operate with the latest procedures and equipment and are well-versed in current safety standards with ongoing training and education. For the best service and results for underground boring in Sydney, look no further than AV Drilling. To get in touch, give us a call on 1300 208 491, or visit our website to fill out our convenient online contact form.

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