The civil construction industry counts on AV Drilling for experienced, reliable and timely drilling services. Among our service offerings is under road boring in and around Sydney. Due to the nature of our industry, health and safety of all involved stakeholders are vital in the completion of a job. This is how we execute boring under road safely.

Thorough Inspection

Before we undertake a project, we take the time to do a thorough consultation with our client and an inspection of the job site. With as much detail as possible, we  plan the most effective bore path for the site. This bore path becomes the basis of the project’s proceedings that allows AV Drilling and other parties to enforce safety procedures.

Exposing Utilities

One of the biggest challenges we face with under road boring is the potential of hitting underground utilities. Accidents as a result of striking underground utilities can have serious consequences for a number of parties. Dial Before You Dig Plans are essential on the jobsite. We also ensure all existing underground utilities have been located and marked on the surface and   confirm the depths of the services within the new bore path alignment, by exposing these services using vacuum excavation. . This is how we ensure that the utilities remain undisturbed. We also take into consideration that pipelines may have valves, tees, and other protrusions when planning our drill path.

Appropriate Equipment

We make sure that the equipment we use for all projects is regularly serviced and maintained and is appropriate for the task type at hand..

Machinery Operation

Our employees have all been trained on how to properly use and inspect the machinery they are set to operate. They are rigorously trained in health and safety procedures as well. All of our employees have regular training and refresher courses to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. To protect our employees, they are issued with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as safety boots, hard hats, safety glasses, gloves and ear protection. With the recent pandemic circumstances, AV Drilling also has a COVID Safety Plan in place to prevent any risks of virus spread.

AV Drilling: Committed To Safe Boring Under Road

At AV Drilling, we deliver excellent service to our clients with our attention to detail and the importance we place on proper procedures. Keeping our staff, clients, and the world around us safe, while we undertake a boring under road project is paramount. To get in touch with us or to get a quote, you can contact us on 1300 208 491 or visit our website to fill out our online form.

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