Australian underground drilling has significantly adapted over the last few decades. Adapting to new technologies and techniques, AV Drilling is at the forefront of safe and reliable drilling services. We offer a range of services from under road boring to horizontal, directional drilling and pipe installation. With over 20 years of experience, we supply our services to a vast range of industries, including the civil, residential, construction, and commercial sectors. When it comes to horizontal directional drilling, there are several benefits to appreciate.




You can significantly reduce your project’s construction footprint by opting for horizontal directional drilling instead of traditional, open-cut trenching. The main appeal here is that by removing the need to excavate existing surface materials for pipe installation, horizontal directional drilling can significantly reduce project costs. The need for reinstatement material is removed as surface layers are left undisturbed. Moreover, you save on labour costs that traditional trenching would require as underground drilling is a quick and seamless process. This type of under road boring removes the need to backfill existing holes and trenches, maximises time-efficiency, and keeps construction projects on schedule.


Quicker Installation


Pipe installation via trenching methods is incredibly time-consuming and ineffective when it comes to time management compared to HDD and Auger Boring. These types of under road boring remove the need to backfill existing holes, trenches and reinstate the surface materials; therefore, maximising time-efficiency and keeping construction projects on schedule.


Other Benefits


In addition to all of the above, workplace accidents are reduced as HDD requires minimal open holes and excavated materials on job sites, reducing workplace accidents. Underground drilling also minimises mess and disruption of the worksite. By keeping job sites neat and tidy, client- contractor relationships can remain positive while maximising time-efficiency onsite. Infrastructure such as roads, expensive driveways and beautiful gardens and trees can remain undisturbed aiding with work approvals and avoiding disputes with residents and businesses.


Contact AV Drilling today on 1300 208 491 to find out more on how horizontal directional drilling and under road boring can benefit your construction project.

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