Before undertaking a new civil project, it is important to detect any underground utilities to prevent damage and disruption of services to local residents and businesses. AV Drilling has vast experience in the field of boring and drilling and has a wealth of  knowledge of how to identify underground utilities.

What Are Underground Utilities?

Underground utilities can include pipes, cables, phone lines and other services that are, as the name implies, buried underground. Many services rely on underground systems in order to deliver, including communications, gas, electricity, water and more. When any construction processes take place, it is vital that they avoid these exisystems to avoid interrupting services, damaging assets and maintaining safety of co-workers and the public .

Utility Mapping 

Once utilities have been detected, the grounds are marked  to signal where the utilities are and what type of utility is located there.

Identification of underground utilities before the commencement of drilling helps develop an accurate and informed bore path proposal that the client approves. AV Drilling  exercises the utmost care when drilling near existing utilities to mitigate risks of impact.

The AV Drilling team are experts on how to identify underground utilities in addition to horizontal directional drilling, trenching, under road boring, underground utility installation and more. To get in touch with us to get a quote, you can call us on 1300 208 491 or visit our website to fill out our online form.

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